Honored to be part of the GOOD100

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Recently I was selected as part of the amazing group of people who make up the GOOD 100.

The fellow 99 are truly amazing people. I am pretty humbled by their accomplishments.

I do love the title the folks at GOOD bestowed upon me – a “Connective Thinker.” I must admit I am a sucker for puns, my wife calls them my “bad Dad jokes.” What can I say, I guess I am practising. This epithet fits well, playing on the work we are doing at BRCK to connect the unconnected, and at the same time what I feel like is my role of connecting disparate parts. I am not a killer developer, nor steeped in a deep knowledge of a specific industry. My background covers energy to software, modems to robotics, but it’s been the breadth that has allowed me to best contribute to my teams. I remember Astro Teller, of Google X, giving a talk once about innovation, and one of the key points he made was to have people on your team who are from a totally different industry. It’s the fact that they are not a PHD in the industry that allows them to experiment and ask the crazy question that might just make you different. So i recommend folks to play outside of their comfort zone, learn something new, learn about everything.

Thank you GOOD.

PS: Here is the writeup from the GOOD100

Nathaniel Manning is knee-deep in data. Whether he’s collecting it, analyzing it, or sharing it with the world, he’s out to change the way that information flows. Manning is the director of business development for Ushahidi, a nonprofit tech company in Nairobi, Kenya, that invented the BRCK, a disaster-proof internet connection. BRCK, a super-rugged, battery-powered modem/router, connects to the web through a variety of networks and satellite connections and functions anywhere in the world, even where unstable infrastructure and irregular electricity make for patchy connectivity.Crowdmap, originally created for crisis-mapping in Kenya, is another Ushahidi innovation that crowdsources information on maps, allowing users to log in and share backpacking trips, favorite cafés, parks, and historical landmarks. Ushahidi (which means “testimony” in Swahili), makes software that is used in 159 countries and 35 languages.



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