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I have launched a new project,, a site that aims to muse about, identify, and discuss the issues that arise from the invention of new technology.

The purpose of this site is to discuss the ethical questions that appear due to innovation and the invention of new technologies. This site aims to point out and grapple with the moral questions and the shaping of society’s framework that are deliberated for the first time when a new technology is introduced into the collective body of knowledge. We will cover such topics as the Internet, biomedicine, clean technology, and space exploration. Society is not always prepared for the impact of new technologies, these inventions pose new, unique philosophical questions which should be discussed and debated prior to decisions being made.

Check it out: and if you have an idea for an article or want to contribute yourself, let me know! Its a opensource project, and all input is welcome!

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  1. Mindy says:

    Hello Nat, it’s been a while. How are you?
    It’s the first time I’m reading your blog and it’s great content. Keep writing and sharing : )

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