Talks and Media

This is one of the most exciting things. I am so psyched to share this video. TEDed adapted my lesson on The cyclical nature of the carbon cycle, and how technology impacts it. Thank you to Jill Johnston for the incredible animation! Website with the questions, lesson, and flipped videos is here at TEDed.

I gave a talk on BRCK and designing from the Edge at the Big Ideas Fest in 2014:



I was the Keynote Speaker at the Open Educational Resources event run by the Hewlett Foundation previously. Here is a video of my talk (it kicks off around minute 8)


I gave a talk titled “Open Data and Collaborative Development” at GoodxGlobal, a side-event at SXSW 2013. The talk brought together my experiences at Ushahidi and as a Presidential Innovation Fellow where I worked as the Chief Data Coordinator at USAID.  Unfortunately they haven’t posted the individual talks, so here is the full live stream of the event. I speak at 6:20.



FastCompany and Scientific American covered the Hacking for Hunger event I ran at USAID. This was USAID’s first Hackathon

A talk on Data, Crowdsourcing, Security, Development, and Ushahidi at Singularity University. June 2012.

SU Ushahidi talkv3 from Nathaniel Manning on Vimeo.

My talk on Data for Good at The Guardian and TechSoup. June 2012.

My Ignite Presentation from Singularity University on “Innovation as the Solution to Climate Change”: Aug 2011.

Innovation as the Solution to Climate Change

I took part in frog design’s Reinvent Business Hackathon, where our team, Loopool, took 2nd place. Our idea was to make businesses more like open source technologies by building a github for people to debug businesses. Here is our presentation video:

And here is us going into more detail during a review of the top 3 winning teams: