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Contributors, friends, community thank you for all your support and getting us across our goal. This is huge and it was all of your retweets, blog posts, and vocal support that got us here.


At 10:40am PST, we crossed our $125,000 mark with our 814th contributor. We have now rewarded over 430 BRCKs. This is huge. We are blown away by the support for this product, and can’t wait to put a BRCK in each of your hands.


But the best news of all is that we still have 8 days left! Let’s keep this train going full speed through the end of the Kickstarter. There are three important reasons for this.


  1. There are people all over the world who could use a BRCK, but have not yet heard about us. We need to keep spreading the word, keep sharing the story.
  2. The BRCK is not just another hardware product. This product came out of Kenya, it was prototyped and built in Nairobi. Making the BRCK has also involved building hardware expertise and the tools in Kenya. The success of the BRCK shows that good ideas can come from anywhere, and that change happens on the fringe. Building hardware is hard, proving that it can be done somewhere like Nairobi, is a phase-change moment for technology. Supporting the BRCK is supporting a new kind of innovation and development.
  3. We have some pretty awesome stretch goals, help us get there. Who doesn’t want a colorful BRCK, what developers don’t want an SDK or the GPIO breakout board for the BRCK? If you help us get to a smart AC charger or a Raspberry Pi all the contributors and users to come will be eternally grateful.


Please repost this, share it, tweet it. Here is a sample tweet you can use:


“Congrats @brcknet for reaching the 125k goal! Let’s support African tech, access to info & reach these stretch goals!


So thank you all again. You are the best.


The Ushahidi/BRCK team

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