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The Guardian Development Professionals Op-ed: “Bad Metrics and PDF Graveyards: Why Development Needs Open Data” – Monday 21 October 2013

The White House Blog: Open Government Data Spurs Entrepreneurship and Jobs

  • Written by the inaugural Open Data Presidential Innovation Fellows.

Other Blog: Moral Tech

I created the blog Moral Tech. A place to explore the questions and ethics that arise from technology and invention.

The Thesis

“The Potentials, Barriers, and Benefits of Energy Efficiency under the Clean Development Mechanism, and the Way Forward through Programmatic CDM”

This thesis is the culmination of a lot of long nights and weekends locked away in a cabin. It takes a look at why there are so few energy efficiency projects in the CDM, and how through the programmatic CDM hopefully energy efficiency projects can begin to be included in carbon finance schemes. It was a long struggle. But did it ever feel good. Thank you Brown.

Also, thank you to Christiana Figueres, who helped review this work. She is the reigning expert on the pCDM, her webpage is a fountain of information on the topic: Christiana Figueres Webpage


My Graduation Speech: Entitled “On Language.”



It’s been a long time since grad school, but I guarantee that you will learn something about pallets by reading this paper. For instance, that pallets are the second largest use of wood in the world (after building homes)! We did a thorough carbon accounting report on different pallet designs trying to find what is the most sustainable pallet (design and material). Read it to find out!. The Infamous Pallet Project: Pallet Manuscript





During grad school my colleague and I did a design project for a library atrium that incorporates a double facade and radiative floor heating. We posted the walk-through explanation on youtube. It was fun. Check it out:

Washington Heights Design Project